Avakian Dried Nuts and Fruits

Avakian Ltd is a wholesaler that specialises in the manufacturing of dried nuts and fruits. The company has become a leading brand in the packaging and distribution of its products.

Avakian SA was founded in the 1950s in Northern Greece by Mr Daniel Avakian. His vision was to create a leading wholesaler whilst maintaining a family culture. The company’s reputation is built on its commitment for sustaining high quality products but also strong relationships with our retailers.
The company maintained its family culture. It is currently run by the founder’s successors Peter, Xatzikos, Sophia, and Stephanos. The company uses a flat organisational structure that allows her to be agile and respond to the market’s trends. We are passionate about the taste, freshness and satisfaction of our retailers. We are keen to learn and improve what we do by getting feedback.
The company uses the latest technology. It undertakes frequent and meticulous quality controls to ensure that packaging and distribution standards are met. Our close working relationship with retailers and final customers contributed to our growing network. At present, the company serves over 300 retailers and the number is growing. Our delivery network covers Greece, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and other European countries.